Justin Amash

The Libertarian Party Needs Justin Amash to Run for President

It has been quite sometime since we have posted anything. Life has gotten in the way and it was necessary to step aside and take care of ourselves. However, we are back and ready to fight against the attacks on our Liberty!

With that, one thing that I have noticed over the past few months is the struggle that the Libertarian Party has experienced. Following along with people that have leadership positions within the party has exposed the biggest problem the LP faces on the national stage. There is no real leader and instead of focusing on the primary mission, it spends most of its time bickering at each other in an attempt to find the pure Libertarian.

No one is a true Libertarian and for anyone to say that is unethical. The same goes for Liberals and Conservatives. People have opinions and those evolve over time. As issues arise the need for adjustment is natural in a political world. The same goes for Libertarians. There is a foundation that all of us have, but there is needed debate and alterations to ensure that we are not falling into the groupthink trap.

So, the biggest question I have been thinking about over these months is what does the party need to be a player on the national stage and actually start changing the narrative in this country. It is not going to be some unknown that spouts crazy conspiracy theories. It needs to be someone that has been through the grit and worked with the other parties. It needs to be someone that the media will take seriously or else we will never get the light of day on the national stage.

The Libertarian Party needs Justin Amash, former Congressman from Michigan, and he needs to be thrust to the front of the Party. Amash has what it takes to articulate the party positions and do it so people actually listen. When he flirted with running back in 2020, the national media jumped quick. Other names are not going to get that type of pull.

The Libertarian Party will always be obsolete until they can break through the duopolies’ control over the American Political system.

Amash has started a PodCast that you can listen to now.

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