Dave Smith

Did you meet your 2021 goals? I haven’t.

I started off 2021 with a list of eight goals. A few I have accomplished, a few that I may just be able to accomplish by the end of the year, and a few that are not going to happen.

I intended on writing for The Liberty Herald on a weekly basis throughout the year. I wrote a few articles and then I became paralyzed with inaction. I had too many ideas for articles and all of them seemed good but then something new would happen and that seemed more pressing. I was starting a new travel based job at the beginning of the year but we were operating in the virtual space through the spring. Spending more time behind a keyboard to churn out articles lost appeal fast.

In February, I started using Clubhouse. I was initially intimidated to join a conversation on the app with a number of politicos discussing JD Vance’s bid for US Senate in Ohio. As a native Ohian, I wanted to offer my perspective while they opined that Ohians could see JD Vance’s move to Connecticut to attend Yale as a betrayal. I spent 22 years living in Ohio. None of us resent someone for leaving the state to improve their life. I felt my heart flutter during that first conversation and it set off a time consuming new hobby.

The social media app of “unfettered conversations” provided me an opportunity to have live conversations with venture capitalists, angel investors,  NASA’s chief scientist, Dr. Jim Green, who frequently stayed in conversations for multiple hours discussing anything about space. I would say at this point I have spent a cumulative 75 hours with Dr. Green on Clubhouse in group conversations. I was more productive learning from industry titans in audio based live conversations than I was researching topics and writing opinion articles. 

Clubhouse gave me an opportunity to use my connections within the liberty movement to curate conversations that generated large audiences. Over one thousand people attended a conversation with Dave Smith and former Congressman Justin Amash. I hosted a room with a connection from the Libertarian Party, Jim Cantrell, Elon Musk’s rocket guy. For the first time, I felt I was able to seamlessly integrate my passions for space and reaching new ears with a message of liberty. Jim gave an incredible pitch for liberty when asked for his best advice to over four hundred engaged listeners. Van Jones was a member of the audience for a four hour conversation on space billionaires that I hosted with my space friends from Clubhouse. Swan Sit came through and listened to a room I hosted on the US Senate filibuster rule. I engaged the crypto community while hosting a room for Lyn Ulbricht to bring awareness to the eight year anniversary of Ross Ulbricht’s apprehension. The list of opportunities I had to reach and influence others kept me on the platform.

Another goal for 2021 was to read a book a month. I started off with a strong stride in January while in Cancún on a vacation and finished one book. But the new job started in February and that’s when Clubhouse habit took on a life of its own and my reading stopped.

Missing goals is okay! I would rather be able to cross those items off my goals list than go into 2022 without meeting them, but I can reevaluate, adjust, and improve. For example, the time I spent on Clubhouse instead of writing articles or reading books resulted in connecting me with a new industry and finding mentors while I navigate my first attempts at entrepreneurship. 

The trade-off in missing my goals was worth it for me. However, I don’t want to be a person that doesn’t read. I made my list of goals for 2022 and reading a book a month is back on there for another year, but this time I am trying something different. I am setting up an accountability system for myself. I identified 12 books I want to read. I will release this list on Friday, November 26th here on The Liberty Herald with some short personal stories about how each book ended up on my list. I would really appreciate it if you would check out the list and consider registering for a few book club Clubhouse rooms. That’s right. I am going to host a book club conversation on Clubhouse. If you haven’t used Clubhouse, it’s an audio-only platform so come as you are and listen to the conversation or join in! 

Please come back to The Liberty Herald on Friday for the book club launch.
Would you like to write more in 2022? Contact Robert Bentley to join me in contributing to The Liberty Herald.

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