Inflation: The Result of a Irresponsible Democratic Agenda

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Inflation: The Result of a Irresponsible Democratic Agenda

If you have traveled to the store recently you might catch yourself wondering why at the checkout counter that you are paying more for your goods than previously before. Well, that is the result of an irresponsible democratic agenda that has plagued our pocket books over the past year.

Higher prices for food, gasoline and most other items helped pushed consumer sentiment to an 11-year low in October.

“Inflation is going to help push the economy into recession,” said Peter Schiff, chief economist and global strategist at Euro Pacific Capital. 

“It’s a bunch of nonsense what everybody is saying about how inflation is a good problem, and it’s just a consequence of our strong economy,” he added. “A strong economy doesn’t produce inflation. It actually produces the reverse, because a strong economy means that your economy is productive, you’re producing more goods and services, and you’re growing the supply. We have shortages because we have a weak economy.”

Fox Business

While Trump was a disaster for this country as a whole, the problem we are now facing is that Biden has no realistic grasp on the economy, especially during a global health pandemic that is almost two years old. The worst thing he could be doing is pushing a radical liberal agenda that is making prices soar with increased government spending and nothing to stimulate the economy. His only answer is that the solutions he is proposing will have long term effects. However, most people don’t see it that way as they fill up their gas tanks and buy their groceries.

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