Larry Sharpe Exploring Another Run for Governor of New York

Larry Sharpe, a favorite among many inside Libertarians, is exploring another run for Governor of New York. The Libertarian favorite ran for New York Governor in 2018 and gathered around 1.7% of the vote, or over 95,000 votes. On the heels of a government default and many other cracks in the system Sharpe is looking at the possibility of giving voters in the Empire State another choice for Governor.

“These last two years have exposed so many more cracks in our state and has fostered even more division in our society,” Sharpe said. “Our current two-party system has failed. I warned of this in 2018. It’s time for New York to hear me and make the right choice. The choice for a better New York with happier people who can work, grow businesses, raise families and retire here. It’s time for a new New York.”

Since running for governor in 2018, Sharpe has held speaking tours across the state and hosts a podcast called “The Sharpe Way.”

Sharpe also again sought the Libertarian Party’s nomination for vice president in 2020, as the running mate of Judge Jim Gray. After Gray was eliminated during convention presidential balloting, Sharpe withdrew from the race.

Right now, both Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates are starting to campaign for the governor’s race next year.

New York News One

The voters of New York deserve another choice in their elections. For too long we have seen the stain that is caused by the two major parties and the downright disrespect that has been given to the American voter. Change is needed and someone like Larry Sharpe can provide that voice of change.

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