Should Joe Bishop-Henchman Resign or Be Removed as Libertarian Party Chairman?

Joe Bishop-Henchman Libertarian Party Chairman
What is going on in New Hampshire and how does Joe bishop-henchman play a role?

The debacle that has taken place in New Hampshire and the state’s Libertarian Party has grasped the attention of the LP faithful. We reported on the beginnings of this the other day. The Libertarian Party Chairman, Joe Bishop-Henchman has been thrown into the middle of this as he has pushed for the disaffiliation of the NHLP.

A website called The Opposition had a great timeline of events that has reached this point as the LNC votes to disaffiliate the New Hampshire LP.

03/19/2021 – Convention Meeting Minutes (only for context):

06/07/2021 – JBH Provides Letter to LPNH Chair (Involves himself in LPNH affairs):

06/08/2021 – Jackie Perry Expelled From Party Due to NAP Violation

06/12/2021 – Chairwoman Jilletta Jarvis, Armed with Support from JBH, “Goes Rogue” and Creates her own Entity (with its own new set of bylaws, its own EC, and a new pledge)–claiming it’s the “new LPNH” – and steals assets from party in a highly-coordinated “takeover” / coup. She removes all EC members from party digital assets (including website and member lists and LPNH documents)

6/12/2021 – Joe-Bishop Henchman (Chair of LNC) Pens a Letter to Members Relaying “Facts” not in Evidence–and/or Lies Conveyed to Her By LPNH Chair, Jilletta Jarvis. Quoting from his Letter:
“She [Jarvis] related that the EC started member expulsions in violation of their Bylaws last week, first with someone no one would object to in order to set the precedent and then to proceed with a wide swath of the membership with a goal of making the party a tool of the state Republicans. She says she has evidence to this effect. Her position is that the EC members who so acted illegally have constructively resigned, and as the only remaining EC member who did not participate in the expulsion, it now falls to her to fill vacancies.”

6/12/2021 – Justin O’Donnell’s Passionate Letter to the LNC Concerning the Actions of Jilletta Jarvis

06/13/2021 – LPNH Membership Issues Signed Recall Letter for Ms. Jarvis given her Egregious Actions

06/14/2021 – Letter to the LPNH Judicial Committee requesting review of actions taken by EC to Expel Jackie Perry:

06/14/2021 – Sean Dempsey’s Letter to the LNC Requesting Return of Misappropriated Assets by the ‘Rogue’ New (Unaffiliated) Entity

06/14/2021 – Sean Dempsey’s Letter to the LNC Expressing the EXTREME Privacy Issues with Data being in Improper Hands:

06/14/2021 – Sean Dempsey’s Letter to LPNH Section 8 Rep Providing Jilletta’s Written Refusal to Return Stolen Property:

06/14/2021 – Emergency EC Meeting Minutes to Suspend Jilletta Jarvis

06/15/2021 – Stephen Nass’ Statement / Letter to LNC Refuting Allegations of Wrongdoing

06/15/2021 – Joshua Smith Motions to Centure the LNC Chair, Joe-Bishop Henchman for his Role in this Mess

06/16/2021 – Sean Dempsey’s Letter to the LNC EC explaining displeasure for JBH’s role in the situation:

06/16/2021 – Sean Dempsey’s Letter to Caryn-Ann Harlos and Joshua Smith Requesting a Motion to Suspend Joe Bishop Henchman:

06/17/2021 – NH’s Region 8 Representative, Tucker Colburn, (Voted into office to HELP the States he Represents) Votes to Disaffiliate the New Hampshire LPNH

06/17/2021 – After Facing a Backlash for his Decision by other Delegates, Tucker Colburn Resigns

The biggest question is what should be done with the national chairman of the Libertarian Party? Should he resign or be removed as chair?

Even Justin Amash knows what is right!

Here is what we know. Someone should be held accountable for this mess. The infighting within the Libertarian Party is something we have reported on multiple times. It needs to stop. Just because someone doesn’t like another person or their actions toward promoting Liberty doesn’t mean they get to forcefully remove them from their position in the party.

The head of the party should be promoting all walks of thinking in the Liberty movement and not pushing their own agenda on the masses. With that we believe that Joe Bishop-Henchman should step down or be removed from his position.

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