Is The New Hampshire LP Right? Should We End Child Labor Laws?

New Hampshire Child Labor Laws

New Hampshire Libertarian Party draws backlash for calling to end child labor laws

The New Hampshire Libertarian Party made some waves this week when they tweeted that the United States should end Child Labor laws.

This tweet caused a fire storm and has drawn a lot of criticism. But, are they right? Should the United States end child labor laws?

New Hampshire Libertarian Party chair Jilletta Jarvis a statement on Wednesday that many of the state’s child labor provisions make no sense.

“Our proposal is that the minimum age requirement be lowered to 16 without school superintendent approval, if a child is homeschooled, this option is difficult for them,” Jarvis said. “We also propose that if a minor has graduated high school or obtained a GED, they have already proven themselves and should not be required to obtain permission to be employed. The law in [New Hampshire] currently prohibits these individuals from seeking employment without a signed written document from a parent on file.”

Former New Mexico Governor and former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson had this to say in response to the NHLP.

“I’m sorry, but no. This isn’t what libertarianism means to millions of Americans – pushing a disturbing and out of touch stance on child labor is entirely detached from what people need in America today. This does not advance liberty, or help change people’s opinions,” 

Have the laws that the United States passed protected children from working or harsh conditions? It might seem the NHLP is advocating that the government get out of the business of protecting everyone and let the free market decide.

Here is our take. Tweets like this get blown way out of context. They might be right on the issue, but now there are thousands of Americans that are drawn away from Libertarianism once again. The party has a hard time messaging and puts its foot in its mouth on too many occasions. This goes back to the drivers license debate in 2016 where Gary Johnson was booed for saying that people should have a license to drive a car. However, too many hardcore Libertarians would rather focus on weird issues like this instead of trying to broadly grow the party and promote the ideals of Liberty.

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