Can Liberty Unity Fix the Libertarian Party?

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Can Liberty Unity Fix the Libertarian Party?

The 2020 election ushered in a new wave of voters across America with record turnout and saw roughly 150 Million people voting. However, the Libertarian Party could only muster 1.7 million votes this year.

This is not a knock at Jo Jorgensen at all as she ran the best campaign she could under the circumstances, but the Libertarian Party missed their biggest opportunity to really shape and change the national dialogue and garner up more support. 

Five years ago Governor Gary Johnson received over 4 million votes nation wide which was the best showing for an LP Presidential candidate in history. He had name recognition and appeal to independent voters that took votes away from the two major parties. Now this year a decline took place and at what cost? 

The Libertarian Party spends so much time fighting among their own and discrediting members that people are shunned away from joining. They view themselves as some elitist organization that says if you don’t agree with all our principles then you should look elsewhere. The nomination of Jo Jorgensen proves this point. She is a Libertarian intellectual that has no name recognition and instead of trying to attract voters they hinged themselves on being restrictive to their statement of principles. Governor Johnson drew in more votes because he could appeal to people beyond the strict nature of LP principles and was vilafied by hardcore members of the party. 

The eating of their own is why the LP will always lose elections and in the four years that I have been a member I have seen it constantly. 

They had a chance to make history and instead went back to their old ways. They didn’t draw in anyone new and instead became a more polarized organization. 

However, there is a new movement under way. The Liberty Unity movement seeks to bridge the gap between the many different sects of Liberty and create a force that can challenge the status quo. For too long have Libertarians been divided and had public infighting. It is time to unite behind our common goals and elect more Libertarians to office.

Libertarians need a refocus on what they can do to win more elections across this country and propel them into the top tier of political parties in America. Too often, Libertarians are cast aside by average Americans as just a bunch of crazy’s that spout off conspiracy theories when in reality they are some of the most principled individuals. However, most Americans don’t know that fact and that is why they lose elections. 

Former Congressman Justin Amash has been a key player in this movement as he has broached this subject with his rise in the Liberty movement. His appeal has drawn many people to the Libertarian Party and ones that are here to win.

The Libertarian Party needs to get out and capture the hearts of Americans. They need to make the name Libertarians a household name. They need to build a coalition that can spread across America. The name Libertarian only comes up every four years during a Presidential election. In off years the name disappears from the national narrative and that is the prime time to introduce people to the ideas of Liberty. In mid-terms you have House, Senate, Gubernatorial, and state level races that need Libertarian candidates to make a splash.

The constant fighting has to stop and the focus needs to be on building the movement that can contend with the duopoly that has controlled this country since the mid 19th Century. The wars, the debt, and the abuse of civil rights needs to end. The Libertarian Party is the only ones that can stop this country from descending into darkness. We need Liberty Unity to take on the powerful beast.

Are you in?

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  1. So, the suggestion is that we can make the LP more effective as a political party by being more like the other two parties and not having any core principles? Which Libertarian principles are negotiable?


  2. This is a brilliant article. If you try to argue against it you’re simply dismissed as one of those crazy extremists who can’t find compromise to further the party.

    I recognize that Mr. Bentley has been involved in the Republican system as well as the Libertarian party at the state level. I have as well in the past. To argue that the party only focuses on the national election every four years is a severely misrepresented statement. I have seen first hand the endless hours many volunteers put in to try and win local to state level electrons over and over again. The party is fully aware that they need to be a common household term. National elections are the easiest way to make that happen, but the smaller elections are the chance we most have at winning.

    Rather than picking at the things he disagrees with, I’d encourage Mr. Bentley to try and see how he can better organize and support the many efforts that party already had in place to do exactly what it is he’s trying to say should be done.

    -A friend in liberty


  3. >Libertarians need a refocus on what they can do to win more elections

    The US election system is rigged for two main parties. It does not matter WHO you nominate, or how popular a former governor they are. They will get no votes as long as the US election system is rigged with the first-past-the-post voting system.

    Instead of worrying bout trying to get 5.1 or 5.2%, the LP needs to first focus all efforts on changing the US election system to make 3rd parties viable. Until then, all the popularity contests, bumper stickers, political ads, and former governors who know very little about actual libertarian ideas, will not do anything.


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