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Should libertarians use Clubhouse?

libertarians clubhouse

Have you heard about Clubhouse recently? It’s new, it’s buzzy, and you may have shrugged off joining. Give me a few minutes and I’ll try to change your mind on this invite-only social media platform.

Clubhouse is disrupting traditional social media. It’s audio-only so goodbye Zoom fatigue. You can choose to participate in conversations, host a conversation, or just listen. The developers say “ghosting is encouraged,” meaning you can come and go from conversations without waiting for a moment in a conversation to break before saying goodbye.

I used to go through a podcast a day but I may need to put my Spotify subscription on hold because Clubhouse has seized my attention. I’ve been such an enthusiastic user that I have been interviewed on podcasts about why this new social media app has taken a considerable amount of my free time. 

In the past few months, I’ve been hosting “rooms” to connect libertarians on Clubhouse. We’ve talked with former Congressman Justin Amash, Spike Cohen, Matt and Terry Kibbe, and Larry Sharpe. We celebrated Earth Day by having a conversation with NASA’s Chief Scientist stopping by on the future of space advancements and human freedom. Justin hosted a conversation to share his thoughts on vaccine passports when it was trending. A dozen or so Clubhouse rooms later and Justin Amash has had the chance to meet people in and outside of the LP on Clubhouse on non-recorded conversations. I prefer it this way. Without a recording, the participants are forced to vocalize their learnings and insights to their friends and family. Sending a podcast to a friend is something I have done many times, but I send it and forget it. I’m taking information and profound conversations offline and asking my friends their thoughts. This is a similar experience to coming home from a conference and talking about it, except the cost to you on Clubhouse is $0. 

This is an image of the welcome party on Clubhouse for libertarian Android users. You’ll notice new and friendly faces. Hundreds of people joined this conversation.

I’ve used Clubhouse beyond creating community for libertarians. I have learned about the space industry and made connections there. Venture capitalists have been hanging out on Clubhouse and listening for their next investment. Marc Andreessen is the inventor of the Internet browser and he followed during a liberty related conversation. The internet browser creator knows who I am?! If I were to attend tech conferences, the chances of me meeting Marc Andreessen and him enthusiastically taking my business card (I see this as the equivalent of receiving a follow from him) are so low, but Clubhouse has disrupted the networking space and influential figures like Marc don’t have a security team or handlers. I heard a non-profit executive share they received their largest donation ever from a Clubhouse conversation. 

Clubhouse is rolling out programs to allow creators to monetize their craft. The Creator First Finalists are Clubhouse’s first promoted radio show programs and I believe there is a financial incentive. 

Clubhouse is breaking down barriers and encouraging discourse the challenges each individual to listen and converse with those with differing views. The “Meet Palestinians and Israelis” room that has been going on for days to foster better understanding is a great example.

The saying goes, “a wise person knows there’s something to be learned from everyone.” Or, as a new friend on Clubhouse says, “everyone is interesting, you just have to get to know them.”

Wednesday, May 26th will present an opportunity to hear from Justin Amash and Dave Smith as well as participate in the conversation.

Please follow up and let me know what you think about Clubhouse: jess@jess4liberty.com

If you would like an invite, you’re welcome to use one of mine: https://www.clubhouse.com/join/liberty-nation/hkZfOZDL/mZJOn7Kd 

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