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LP Mises Caucus Racks Up Big Wins at State Conventions

Mises Caucus Takeover

LP Mises Caucus Racks Up Big Wins at State Conventions

The past few weeks have been big ones for the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus. State conventions have been happening all across the country and the true liberty movement of the party has begun its takeover.

The caucus has racked up big wins in California, Oregon, Colorado, Rhode Island, and North Dakota.

We wouldn’t call this an infiltration but rather a rebirth to the true principles of liberty and the Ron Paul Revolution that drew many to the Libertarian Party in the first place.

The caucus sent this email to followers this evening:

If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the picture above to see “The Takeover, a video that should fire us all up to keep working toward our goals of bringing the liberty movement back into the Libertarian Party and rekindling the Ron Paul Revolution.

If you want to help the Mises Caucus do exactly that, the most important thing you can do is to get involved in your state. Find the names and contact info for the organizers in your state at the Meet the Team page, then reach out to them so that they can get you involved in whatever projects they’re working on, whether it’s preparing for their state convention, building county LP affiliates, or promoting decentralization by supporting local candidates, ballot issues, or lobbying efforts. (If you have trouble reaching anyone, please reply to this email for assistance.)

And though we didn’t succeed this time in Pennsylvania, May has seen the Mises Caucus win either all or a majority of state LP board seats in California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Rhode Island, and North Dakota.

We’re also perfectly positioned to win a majority of LPPA board seats next March, two months before the Libertarian National Convention in Reno, Nevada on Memorial Day weekend; dozens of Mises Caucus members and those friendly to us who were not allowed to vote this time will be fully eligible next year. (For a full explanation of what happened in PA, both at the convention and at the LPMC’s Take Human Action Bash 2021, check out Michael Heise’s latest appearance on The Tom Woods Show; you can check out talks from Dave Smith, Jeff Deist, Scott Horton, Michael Rectenwald and more at the Bash on YouTube.)

Finally, you can help us cross the $14k threshold of monthly support for Mises PAC by joining more than 1,000 others who make a recurring monthly contribution. 

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