LP of California Making Big Push in Governor Recall

The Libertarian Party of California is throwing their support behind Jeff Hewitt a Libertarian and current Riverside County Supervisor, Hewitt brings over 17 years of successful public office experience to his run for governor. Before he became a county supervisor he was the mayor of Calimesa, CA as well as a successful businessman.

The Secretary of State in California has reported that enough signatures have been gathered to force a recall of Governor Gavin Newsome. With this recall the Libertarian Party of California is making a big push to make their candidate known to voters.

“With my gubernatorial campaign in full swing, we are pulling out all the stops because we know we have an excellent shot at winning this race given the current state of politics in California,” said Hewitt.

“Rather than hiding behind a host of top-dollar consultants, I will instead take responsibility for the difficult decisions and confer with experts when necessary,” said Hewitt. “Not only that, my first task upon attaining office would be to restore accountability to the state’s government at all levels by rooting out and eliminating the buck-passing mechanisms that have meticulously cultivated into the state’s policies and procedures.”

It is imperative that the Libertarian Party take races like this one and put some big money behind it. It is essential to get the message of Liberty straight to voters in states through ground work and direct contact. The LP has missed big time by focusing too much attention on Presidential races and not getting the news coverage. More local races like this in off years provide a prime opportunity for the LP to showcase the talent that is in the party and get more voters use to the idea of voting for a Libertarian. We saw that in the Arkansas race with Ricky Harrington.

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  1. Excellent! Why don’t we give up running anyone, and instead seek the recall of every elected official?


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