The COVID Vaccine: A Libertarian Perspective

To vaccinate or not? That is the big question among Libertarians and people that question the role of government in our daily lives.

The core of Libertarianism centers around choice. Personal responsibility and the ability to chose for yourself is a key tenant to the principle of Liberty. We don’t let government stand in our way and allow us to be manipulated by politicians decisions.

Now, the COVID vaccine is a hot topic and here is the biggest disclaimer of this article. I have received both shots of the Pfizer vaccine and am fully vaccinated. I am also a Libertarian.

I made the personal choice to receive this vaccine for a number of reasons.

1. I don’t believe that the government had anything to do with the production of these vaccines. Private industry fueled by a demand made the vaccine. It would have been available sooner if red tape and government bureaucracy hadn’t stood in the way. From all reports Pfizer and Moderna were ready in February of 2020 with the vaccine, but the CDC and FDA dragged their feet. In all sense the government’s inability to get anything done killed more people than necessary.

2. Even though I am a Libertarian, I am also a rational one. I don’t sit around thinking that the government is planning to manipulate our lives through a shot. I don’t sit around wearing a tin hat thinking believing all the nutty conspiracies floated around on the internet. Our government is stupid and destructive financially, but not smart enough to play mind control with a vaccine.

3. My job as a free citizen is to do things necessary to protect myself and also not endanger the life of another human being. If I have the ability to stop a disease from spreading in my community the most Libertarian thing I could do is get the vaccine and protect myself, my family, and my neighbors.

If you get the vaccine good for you! If you don’t good for you as well. We all have choices to make and they benefit somebody in the end. The biggest thing people need to think through is how will those choices make a lasting impact.

Getting fully vaccinated

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