Crime Drops in Baltimore After City Stops Prosecuting Drug Possession and Prostitution

Baltimore crime drops
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After crime plummeted in 2020, Baltimore will stop drug, prostitution prosecutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lot of negative impacts, but in the city of Baltimore, there is some positive light shining through as crime dropped in 2020 after the city halted prosecutions drug possession and prostitution charges.

From MSN:

Something happened in Baltimore last year. The coronavirus pandemic hit, and State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that the city would no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, trespassing, and other minor charges, to keep people out of jail and limit the spread of the deadly virus.

While violent crime and homicides skyrocketed in most other big American cities last year, violent crime in Baltimore dropped 20 percent from last March to this month, property crime decreased 36 percent, and there were 13 fewer homicides compared with the previous year. This happened while 39 percent fewer people entered the city’s criminal justice system in the one-year period, and 20 percent fewer people landed in jail after Mosby’s office dismissed more than 1,400 pending cases and tossed out more than 1,400 warrants for nonviolent crimes.

Nonviolent crimes have taken their toll on the American justice system as the United States incarcerates more people than any country. We put a high number of minorities in jail for crimes that the government deems worthy. However, the majority of these sentences to jail have no victim attached but rather the moral police running around locking up people for their own choices.

This country sees more violent crimes associated with the fact that the low level nonviolent crimes have to act in secrecy out of fear of prosecution. You have strong arm D.A.’s all across the United States that lock up nonviolent drug offenders to pad their resume in hopes of running for a higher political office one day. Just look at Kamala Harris and her rise to Vice-President of the United States.

“The era of ‘tough on crime’ prosecutors is over in Baltimore,” Mosby said. “We have to rebuild the community’s trust in the criminal justice system and that’s what we will do, so we can focus on violent crime.” She said the policy shift will enable more prosecutors to be assigned to homicides and other major cases instead of working in misdemeanor court.

The decision not to prosecute drug and nonviolent misdemeanor crimes was a huge paradigm shift for Baltimore police, Commissioner Michael Harrison said in an interview. Officers who made drug arrests saw prosecutors dismissing the charges at the jail, and so the arrests mainly stopped. Mosby said there were 80 percent fewer arrests for drug possession in Baltimore in the past year.

This country needs more elected prosecutors like Marilyn Mosby. People need to feel safe in their own actions and not have government interference dictating their every move.

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