GOP Senator Hyde-Smith Misquotes The Bible To Fight Voting Access

 “…I can speak for Mississippi on why we would never do that on a Sunday, or hold an election on a Sunday. In God’s word, in Exodus 20:18, it says ‘Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy,’ so that is my response to Sen. Schumer,”

Mississippi GOP Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith

Apparently, Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith doesn’t understand that religion does not define law nor impede democracy. Her argument as to why Mississppi would never hold an election on a Sunday says more about her willingness to use her faith to restrict voters than her dedication to Christian teachings. She quoted the bible to justify her dogmatic antics against groups organizing for greater ballot access even though those groups are also faith based.

All of this is focused on multiple Election Reform bills that are being passed and debated like the ‘For the People’ Act which was passed by the House in early March and Georgia’s Republican parties efforts to ban early voting on Sunday.

But there’s three key issues that show Hyde-Smith is little more than a GOP hypocrite desperately grasping for power.

  • The first, and the most humorous, is the reality that the Sabbath is on Saturday. There is much disagreement among historians and religious leaders as to why and when Christians began observing Sabbath on Sunday. But there is a universal understanding that the Sabbath is traditionally observed on Saturday, the seventh day of the week and the day in which the Christian God rested after creating all of existence. Whether you’re Christian or not, Hyde-Smith is wrong and doesn’t understand her own faith. This leads us to the second issue, other Christians.
  • ‘Souls to the Polls’ has been a call to encourage voter participation within disenfranchised communities Black Churches for decades. For over 50 years, Black Churches and other delegations have been using their outreach to promote those who have been unrepresented by their legislators to go out and make their voices heard through the Democratic process. So Hyde-Smith clearly does not speak for all of Mississippi and she can’t even speak for every Christian in her state. This backwards thinking leads us to the final point.
  • Hyde-Smith was sworn in on a Sunday. She even held multiple campaign events on Sundays leading up to the election. So she clearly has no objection to political activity regarding elections or business being carried out by the state on Sunday, but for some reason, this motion of expanding voter access on Sunday was crossing her jagged line.

It’s clear that Georgia and Mississippi Republicans are using every excuse to take back the seats they lost to the Democrats. Their old tactics of religious manipulation and voter restrictions are being drawn out in full force to fight the Democratic Majority in Congress. The party that claims to want small government will readily turn into a theocratic cult before they give the other side a win.

We must be wary of anyone who uses their religion to justify their political beliefs. The 1st Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” and the vast majority of Americans understand this as the clause that creates a Separation of Church and State. This divide is essential to the Freedom and Liberty that all Americans, secular and religious, enjoy every waking moment. So when a person in a position of authority quotes the Bible to defend their position, we must understand that this person has committed the freedoms of their constituents to an imaginary person only they can perceive.

It’s time for the Separation of Church and State to become a Constitutional amendment.

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