COVID One Year Later: A Libertarian Perspective

COVID crop black doctor in sterile glove on escalator
Photo by Laura James on Pexels.com
COVID One Year Later: A Libertarian Perspective

It is hard to think that it has been over one year since this country and the world was thrust into a global health pandemic with COVID 19 that sent shockwaves across our lives and the economies of the world. We’ve had a year-long experiment in sacrificing liberties for a common national purpose as a way to rid a virus that has killed over half a million Americans.

But what has the cost really been?

The toll that COVID and Government action has taken on people’s lives is something that has never been seen. As Michael Dougherty put it in the National Review:

Our most privileged class immediately captured the language of communitarianism and turned it into the means of copper-fastening their own position in society.

The white-collar class has simply retreated into an exaggerated form of the life they were already living, where they manipulate the world with their finger and the phone — ordering their supplies from Amazon Prime, their food through apps like GrubHub, Doordash, and Seamless, and their entertainment through Apple TV.

We have been put into submission by an overbearing government that has been waiting in the shadows to control every aspect of our lives. We have been thrown around by the likes of Dr. Fauci and forced into believing that our liberties don’t matter because we are trying to save lives from a virus that has killed less than 1% of people in this country.

When does the control end? How much liberty do we give up?

Our country was founded on simple principles. Life, Liberty, and Property. While it is the government’s job to protect the people from harm, it is not their job to dictate their lives. The Constitutional violations have been through the roof when it comes to policing COVID-19 restrictions. People forced from homes for gathering in large groups. Restricting movement outside when science has proven that outdoor transmission of the virus is not there. There have been numerous inconsistencies in policy across the board in every state and within states.

But the other sinister feature of COVID communitarianism has been the condescension of our authorities. At first, COVID condescension landed on masks, in which health authorities urged the public not to buy them or use them because, without proper training, one wouldn’t use the mask properly. Health officials at the World Health Organization even held out the notion that laymen were at more risk from wearing masks. None of this was backed up with research, or common sense. It was like saying that home cooks do not benefit from knives because chefs know proper knife technique.

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