Joe Biden

Biden Rejects Staff Over Cannabis Consumption.

Biden has expressed moderate support for the decriminalization of Cannabis but has routinely taken opposition to legalization. While he says no one should be in jail for a drug crime, he also puts in the effort to send his own staff away over cannabis usage. This is incredibly confusing since recreational Cannabis consumption is legal in Washington DC. and his own VP Kamala Harris has admitted to a history of Cannabis usage.

This stale, lukewarm approach to ending the War on Drugs has been poorly received by the vast majority of Americans and Democrats who demand Liberty regarding Cannabis. After telling staffers that previous cannabis consumption would be overlooked, they backtracked and began upending livelihoods over personal, recreational, and sometimes medical, decisions.

“no one should be going to jail for drug crime, period”

“makes no sense for people to go to jail.”

Joseph Biden on The Breakfast Club

Biden’s opposition to the legalization of Cannabis comes from the archaic sentiment that more ‘research’ must be done to determine it’s safety. This is a repeated line from those who ignore the decades of scientific research and activists in order to uphold their control over morality and culture in America. The belief that Cannabis has long-term developmental consequences on the brain has been largely debunked and contested. The effects of Cannabis usage on brain development among adults is minor and insignificant compared to legal drugs like alcohol or prescription medications.

And even then, should that not be left up to the American people? If the government is in the business of legislating healthy brains via prohibition, we need to take a long look at the effects of sugar, caffeine, nicotine, and the American diet.

But this reality breaks from the old-school War on Drugs that Biden has spent much of his political career reinforcing. This divide is driven by decades of racist enforcement, donations from prison lobbyists, and a desire to force a false sense of morality onto the American people. When Biden says he doesn’t believe people should be arrested for drug use, he glosses over his desire maintain the status quo regarding enforcement and legislation.

While Biden, and Democrats in general, are much better when it comes to ending the War on Drugs than Trump and the Republicans, the Biden presidency shows a complicated relationship with the movement. The Biden administration told staffers that previous cannabis usage would be overlooked, then followed up with calls to individuals that either asked them to resign (fired them) or relocated them to other positions.

For Libertarians, this is a no-brainer. For the establishment, this is a controversy.

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