Liberating Love, 3 Guardians for 1 Child

Ian Jenkins, Alan Mayfield, and Jeremy Allen Hodges, are three men in a committed and healthy relationship with each other. This polyamorous triad, or “throuple”, had their first child in 2017 using a surrogate. Over a year later, they had their second.

“The big challenge for us was really the legal challenges, so with surrogacy, you have to have a parentage order from the court declaring who are going to be the legal parents,”

-Alan Mayfield

What followed was an odd yet intense court battle to have all three of them listed on the birth certificate. They won and set a precedent for an undiscussed but critical aspect of Civil Liberty.

“In the beginning we weren’t sure that we could have all three of us on the birth certificate so it became a court process where we argued in court. It was a pretty interesting, tense courtroom scene where at first it seemed like we were not going to be granted that, and we asked to speak in court and plead our viewpoint, and the judge ultimately changed her mind and granted us legal parentage of our child before she was born.”

Alan Mayfield

Why did they have to fight? Where does the government get the authority to regulate the family and on what grounds were those decisions made?

‘Family Values’ was a right-wing talking point from a bygone era. One that was typically defined by Christian, Heteronormative, Social Norms and punished deviation. Conservative Authoritarians have historically used this restrictive ideology and appeal to biased morals to create laws that rope society into their limited definitions. They argued for the “Nuclear Family” by creating legal consequences for anything else.

But with the passing of time, the advancement of technology, and the growth of culture, “Family Values” are being redefined by Families, not politicians. 

“We wanted everyone to know that love makes a family, and families may look different, but if you care about your kids and you’re doing everything you can to give them the best possible childhood, that’s what matters.”

Ian Jenkins

LGBT relationships are gaining equal rights and legal protections in a modern America, the demographics of our nation has been irreversibly changed by once illegal interracial couplings, and varying sources have shown the rise in Polyamorous behaviors. Sex Work has also experienced a growing support among movements focused on Liberty and Social Justice.

“We wanted people who are in non-traditional families to know that there could be more legal protections available to them and help keep this process moving so that more parents would have the kind of protection we’re enjoying,”

Ian Jenkins

It’s about time the American people Liberate Love from the government. Removing the restrictions and regulations that have been placed on consenting adults regarding their relationships and sexuality is vital to the “Pursuit of Happiness” that is promised to all Americans. 

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