Constitutional Similarities from the 18th Century and Today

Constitutional Similarities from the 18th Century and Today

As a student of early American History, I see issues plaguing our current political system that is similar to the issues that perplexed our Federalist and Anti-Federalist founders in the late 1700s.

While the Federalists favored a more powerful centralized government, the anti-federalists favored more state control with a strong Bill Of Rights.

Clear differences then. Not so in 2021, when you compare our two political parties.

Currently, our two-party system is, in essence, two factions of the 18th century Federalists.

Both sides, Republican and Democrat, want a strong centralized government. The differences between Jefferson and Madison are long gone in U.S. politics.

Fortunately, we still have people like Ron Paul, Justin Amash, and Tom Massie They are the Madison and Jeffersons of our time. They have consistently stood in the way of government overreach.

Our United States was founded on the principles of defiance and questioning authority. When we allow ourselves to blindly follow a politician because they belong to a certain party, we become akin to the Americans loyal to King George during the Revolution. We cease being patriots.

I urge everyone to read the Alien and Sedition Acts as well as the rebuttals found in the Virginia Kentucky Resolutions. This will give some context to my comparisons.

And as for the rhetoric today about the lockdowns and the pandemic? I urge everyone to read about the 1793 Philadelphia yellow fever epidemic, and the government’s response to it.

We are Americans! We are kindred spirits. Let’s stop fighting among ourselves and unite in a common cause. That cause is liberty for all!

Joe Paschal,Vice Chair Libertarian Party of Virginia South Hill Virginia 

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