Did Trump Secretly Pardon Himself and His Family?

Trump Pardon
Trump Pardon

Now former President Trump has gone into retirement in Florida there is speculation that he might have secretly pardoned himself and his family members.

From Mediaite:

The flurry of pardons had some breathing a sigh of relief that Trump hadn’t included himself in this latest batch, and while others noted that the day was still young, MSNBC host and Congress Nerd Lawrence O’Donnell raised another concern.

“Don’t trust the list,” O’Donnell wrote. “Trump doesn’t have to reveal the names of anyone he pardons. Trump can issue SECRET PARDONS. Trump can pardon himself & his family and keep that secret until they are charged with federal crimes.”

Former Acting Solicitor General and MSNBC analyst Neal Katyal threw some cold water on the idea, writing “I think secret pardons are constitutionally dubious (since the whole reason the pardon power is virtually unlimited is that Presidents are publicly accountable for them). But here it doesn’t matter, even if Trump tried secret pardons, Biden could make them public the next day.”

I guess it is a waiting game to see what comes out of this.

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