Trump Weighing Pardon for Snowden & Assange; According to Sources

With just three days left in office President Trump has been hiding in the White House, but according to sources close to The Liberty Herald he is mulling over issuing pardons for Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

This wouldn’t be the first time in recent months that the President has considered this Constitutional action. We first reported on his considering the pardon for Snowden back in mid December.

There have been a growing list of Republicans and Democrats that are pushing the outgoing President to do the right thing and grant a full and complete pardon of Snowden so he can return home to the United States.

Edward Snowden is famous for declassifying an NSA program that was used to spy on the American people. He has been hunted for years by the federal government and has sought asylum in multiple countries. Currently he resides in Russia where is viewed in Liberty circles as a patriot for his act to expose the governments attempt to pry into the lives of ordinary Americans.

One of Trump’s main missions since becoming President has been exposing and destroying the ‘deep state.’ A pardon for Snowden and Assange would be that knife in the chest he would need to stick it to a government that he believes has been out to get him from day one.

A new report has surfaced that Pamela Anderson is requesting an emergency meeting with him about this topic.

The Republican Liberty Caucus released a statement the other day urging President Trump to issue the pardons.

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  1. I would be rather shocked if he didn’t, with everyone from Former VP nominee and Governor Sarah Palin to the Republican Liberty Caucus requesting this. That would be one way to both gracefully exit and give the ‘deep state’ some much deserved comeuppance. Frankly, one thing I respected about President Trump was that he listened to those who understood the Constitution better than he, and on more than one occasion. (Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Senator Rand Paul) People can draw their own conclusions from the choices Joe Biden has made for his cabinet, but he was certainly catering to statist tendencies in his party with both his choice of Senator Kamala Harris for VP and
    Xavier Becerra for HHS director (Remember NIFLA vs. Becerra- yes that Becerra!)


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