Justin Amash Spends All Day Arguing With Other Libertarians; Officially Becomes A Real Libertarian

One thing that Libertarians are really good at is eating their own. They spend countless hours debating and trashing members of their own party and instead shy away from the real task at hand. Spreading the message of Liberty and winning elections.

Justin Amash learned this first had today as he spent most of it arguing with Libertarians over a tweet that in all regards is 100% true.

See for yourself:

You are not a really Libertarian until you have gone to punches with all the crazy sects of the party that claim to be the pure Libertarians.

In all reality Justin Amash is more Libertarian than any life long member of the party. He has the record to prove it and not just some keyboard warriors who created some obscure caucus within the party that comes out every few years to claim purity over the movement.

Congratulations Justin Amash! You are officially a real member of the Libertarian Party!

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  1. Citizen Amash, may you join a trade and actually brand yourself, like a farmer, gunsmith, manufacturer. Then, roll back into public lIfe and give the race of a lifetime for POTUS. Please, don’t become a publisher.


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