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Trump Approval Falls Below 30%; Nixon Watergate Levels

In the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection that he spear headed which led to his historic impeachment, Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen below 30%.

From the Pew Research Center:

Donald Trump is leaving the White House with the lowest job approval of his presidency (29%) and increasingly negative ratings for his post-election conduct. The share of voters who rate Trump’s conduct since the election as only fair or poor has risen from 68% in November to 76%, with virtually all of the increase coming in his “poor” ratings (62% now, 54% then).

Trump voters, in particular, have grown more critical of their candidate’s post-election conduct. The share of his supporters who describe his conduct as poor has doubled over the past two months, from 10% to 20%.

In 1974, in the height of the Watergate scandal and the eventual resignation of his Presidency, Richard Nixon bottomed out at a 24% approval rating. President Trump, according to this new survey is just 5 points away from hitting that mark.

The past few months have been the biggest stain on his Presidency and it is coming to light with how the American people are feeling about his handling of January 6th and the aftermath of the 2020 election. He has been on a rage for months claiming the election was stolen from him, abandoned any sign of him doing his job, and leading a charge of insurrectionists to attack the U.S. Capitol.

The Republican Party has a lot of work ahead of them to repair the damage that Trump has done to the GOP. They might not recover and that is why former Republicans are urging a switch to the Libertarian Party.

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