Donald Trump

President Trump Adds $8 Trillion to the National Debt in 4 Years

President Trump and the National Debt

With only six days left in office, President Trump’s time in office is coming to an end. After facing two impeachments in one term as President and only one real lasting legacy there is one number that we are very concerned about coming from the Trump Presidency.

In his four years as President, Trump added over $8 Trillion to the national debt.



Beyond anything else that he did while in office, this should be the biggest lasting legacy of his time as President. He came to Washington claiming to be this outsider business man that wasn’t a politician and could get things done. However, he has “broken” almost every promise he has made except that of the justices he has appointed to the Supreme Court.

Our country is in a financial death spiral and no thanks to Trump we are deeper into the waters with this problem. Yes, the pandemic over the past year hasn’t helped this number, but it was growing well before that under Trump. We have reported multiple times over the four years of the growing debt under Trump and is inability to keep it under control. The size of government did not get smaller, but rather exploded in size under the Trump administration.

We face a financial crisis over the next 20 years that will be extremely hard to recover from. You don’t hear politicians in Washington talk about the debt and the few that do are usually silenced by their party.

It is time for real leadership in Congress that will tackle this issue head on. It will take courage and convection to get the job done and right now I can count on one hand the number of politicians that have the stamina to push forward with this fight.

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  1. The responsibility for the deficit is broader than simply the President, whoever he is. Budget issues are dealt with primarily by the legislative branch, and in particular, by the House. The House (and to some degree, also the Senate) adds ‘budget busters’ to ‘must pass’ bills, ensuring their passage. Both the Concord Coalition (claim to be non-partisan) or Downsize DC (openly libertarian) are concerned about the Federal Deficit, and Congress’ roll in the increase.


  2. Yah, agree. But wasn’t congress resposible as well? Do you think things are going to be better under Biden, or worse? End the Fed.


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