Did Certain Republicans Object to the 2020 Election Certification Out of Fear For Their Lives?

In the days since the events of January 6, 2021 there has been a lot of news and speculation about the attempt to not certify the election for Joe Biden and in turn throw out states that would eventually give the election to Donald Trump, who lost by over 7 million votes.

Newly elected Michigan Congressman Peter Meijer (succeeded Justin Amash) suggested that some Republicans voted against certification out of fear for their lives.

From a Reason.com interview:

You’d indicated to me previously that there’s at least a small, perhaps growing caucus of GOP members like yourself who aren’t having this anymore. Describe that a little bit, and then how that might fit into a post-Trump Republican Party.

Yeah, this is something that we are grappling with. We are 24 hours into a new reality. Tuesday I signed on to a letter that was authored by Chip Roy, Ken Buck, Thomas Massie, the Freedom Caucus guys. And then there were plenty of moderates in that mix, there were establishment folks. This ran the gamut, it crossed every sort of internal little caucus division. You had Problem Solvers, Freedom Caucus, and everybody in between. I don’t know where that’s going to lead, but I was really proud to see a number of folks vote on their principles, taking the heat from constituents, but again, telling them what they needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear. Exhibiting some leadership.

And then one of the saddest things is I had colleagues who, when it came time to recognize reality and vote to certify Arizona and Pennsylvania in the Electoral College, they knew in their heart of hearts that they should’ve voted to certify, but some had legitimate concerns about the safety of their families. They felt that that vote would put their families in danger.

Who made these threats?

This is the biggest question we have. The attempted coup by the President and his supporters failed on Wednesday as Capitol police were able to get control of the building and Congress finished the certification process. Did Trump pay people to threaten the lives of Congressman and Senators that would vote to certify Biden as the winner?

We will keep digging into this story and update as needed.

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