Our Constitutional Republic Stands In the Face of Terrorism

I am sitting here watching the coverage of the Senate and House of Representatives try to certify the 2020 election for President-Elect Joe Biden after a day of attack by domestic terrorists that tried to steal this election from the American people.

The one thing that we can take away from everything that happened today is that no matter what, our nation and this Constitutional Republic that was built by the likes of James Madison has stood steadfast in the face of terrorism.

We are a nation of principle and law. We stand for Freedom and Liberty. We don’t stand for violence in the face of insurrection. We don’t stand for someone that would throw out the sacred document that has governed this country for centuries, that has been through multiple wars, scandals, and victories. We the People are the ones that stand up to tyranny. We don’t back down to thugs like Trump who launch an assault on our Republic. What Madison, Washington, Franklin, and Hamilton built was a nation that could put up a wall to despots and stop tyranny from taking over this country.

Trump lost today and so did the MAGA movement. They were defeated by the very document that they vow to defend and that is the sweet take away from this terrorist act.

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