National Debt Nears $28 Trillion as Congress Considers Increasing Stimulus to American People

Congress is in the heat of debate on whether or not to increase the stimulus payments to $2,000 for individuals across this country. The House of Representatives has already passed the measure and the Senate is in the process of considering.

What many have failed to consider is how close the national debt is to reaching $28 Trillion.

The amount of people that can benefit from this stimulus is in the multi-millions and members of Congress have voted to increase payments without considering the economic impact that will have in the long run.

The U.S. Government has failed to cut anything major from the federal budget and is instead sending foreign aid in the hundreds of millions to other countries and letting the debt go higher and higher.

We have a crisis that is bigger than COVID and that is the financial insecurity of the United States. In 2008 the National Debt was $8 Trillion and in 12 years it has ballooned. It wasn’t just COVID that caused this dramatic increase but rather the fiscal irresponsibility of politicians in D.C.

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