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Trump Fact Check: Winning the Most Counties Doesn’t Mean You Won the Election

As the President of the United States sits hunkered down in the White House, failing to do his job, he continues to tweet/retweet falsehoods about the election and this one today is the saddest.

President Donald Trump retweeted this morning the following tweet:

I can’t believe we have to tell this President that winning counties doesn’t mean anything. The counties don’t represent the population centers of the United States. They represent the vast plains and rural areas of the country that have little to no populations. So, winning a county in the middle of Kansas doesn’t mean anything. They probably have less than 50,000 eligible voters in those counties.

You can see from the map that the blue areas are the major population centers in the United States. The big cities and suburbs that have millions of people that live in them. That is how you lost Mr. President.

It is better to look at a map like this from USA Today:

This map shows how divided this country is. It is not a red country but rather a purple country with voters of all walks of life that don’t fall in line with one particular political party.

Our President has gone crazy as he looks for any type of fabrication that shows that he won an election that he didn’t.

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