AG Barr: “No Basis” for Fed Govt. Seizing Voting Machines

Image courtesy of The Politico

As President Trump has toiled with the idea of imploying Martial Law to seize voting machines from across the country in an attempt to recount the 2020 election, his Attorney General said in a live new conference that there is “No basis” for the federal government to seize voting machines.

As we reported yesterday the President meet in the Oval Office with his former National Security advisor Michael Flynn and floated the idea of using the U.S. Military to seize voting machines and redo the election in an attempt to overturn the results in his favor.

Leaders of the United States military have already said they would have no role in this dictatorial attempt to keep power.

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  1. So far, Sydney Powell, Esquire has not fully released the ‘Kracken’, but , Lynn Wood, Esq. (a defamation lawyer himself) has charged officials with fraud and mismanagement of the election. Georgia’s Senators have also weighed in on mismanagement, obstruction and other crimes potentially rising to the level of felonies:
    and the only news agencies with the intestinal fortitude to cover the ‘irregularities’ in the US of A are World Net Daily and Newsmax. I would like to also point out President Trump listened to both Andrew Napolitano, Esq. (a libertarian judge) and Senator Rand Paul when deciding to make judicial appointments and exert executive power, (in relation to opening up states closed by their governors) respectively. Do you think that Former Vice President Joe Biden will hesitate to use executive orders to deny First or Second Amendment Rights? (I have already mentioned this in a prior comment, but the freedom of religion seems to be under a particular attack by his choices. (See the Supreme Court case NIFLA vs. Becerra, or the Masterpiece Cakes vs. Colorado cases) How about Senator (Vice Presidential candidate for the DNC, 2020) Kamala Harris? This is not to disregard the potential of Xavier Becerra to the Cabinet Post of Health and Human Services, either. Former VP Biden has, by these cabinet ‘picks’,either revealed himself to be a ‘left statist to the extreme, or beholden to the ‘left statist extremists’ in his party. (https://www.zeroaggressionproject.org/mental-lever/left-statists-and-right-statists/)


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