$900 Billion Stimulus Bill Packed Full of Pork

Here is no surprise to anyone, but the 5,000 page + stimulus bill equal to $900 Billion is packed full of pork! We just got our hands on the text and we are combing through the document, but here are some of the highlights.

  1. $4,184,000 for Office of Ethics expenses.
  2. $85,476,000 for Economic Research Services
  3. $183,921,000 for National Agricultural Statistics Service
  4. $60,131,000 for the Risk Management Agency
  5. $21,000,000 for the Central Utah Project
  6. $3,850,000 for the Office of the President
  7. $13,641,000 for the White House Residence

We will continue to update as we comb through this insanely long piece of legislation.

8. $18,400,000 for the Office of National Drug Control Policy

9. $700,000,000 for the Sudan.

10. $500 million to Isreal

11. $453 million to Ukraine

12. $135 million to Burma

13. $85.5 million to Cambodia

14. $1.4 billion for “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act”

15. $130 million to Nepal

16. $10,000,000 for gender programs in Pakistan.

You get $600.00, let that sink in.

Also buried in the “relief” bill is a new law. If you stream copyrighted content without permission, you’re now a federal felon, punishable by jail time, fines, losing your right to vote or own a firearm, etc.

But they gave you $600 of your own money though.

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  1. These figures are from the entire omnibus spending bill and aren’t necessarily part of the $900b pandemic aid package. The corona relief measures (direct aid to individuals and small businesses, vaccination distribution support, unemployment benefits extension, etc.) were just part of the entire bill. You’re including apples with oranges here.


  2. We have obviously elected a bunch of idiots to Congress. They have mortgaged the future of us, our children and grandchildren. Maybe the first step would be to LIMIT the terms of all. Unfortunantly, it is the same on the state and county,city level.. Has all common sense left the building??????


  3. I am wondering who gets the kick back money from “pork” ? An individual? Or does it go directly to the Democratic party?


  4. President Trump had said that he would sign a bill for Covid relief if it was just for Co. vid relief and they would not pass on that. Shame on them. He had the right idea.


  5. Unfortunately, they are about the same. Name one that you are really proud of ( either party). If they really understood the price and sacrifice that millions have paid for this country, they would not be so eager to destroy or give it away. Only GOD can help us!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I would like to know the names of the senators who want to sponsor all of the pork. Names and what states they represent!! Who is sponsoring Gender realization in Pakistan? I could care less. Take care of small businesses, and America.
    I am glad I found this article, hopefully I will get a response!!

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  7. This does not seem to be the same country that I have seen 60 years ago when I immigrated here.
    Both parties should be ashamed to themselves to spend our children and grand children’s hard earned money so wastefully.
    These buraucrats do not earn a penny but if I am late to pay my estimate tax one day I will be punished with hefty penalty by IRS


  8. What a terrible waste of resources. Where’s the money coming into our country? There is none. This bill should be strictly for Covid relief, nothing else Our congress members need to stand up for the people of this country who pay their salaries.


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