Russia Attacks the United States and President Trump is Silent

The United States is under attack by a coordinated cyber attack that all security experts say is coming from Russia which has targeted multiple government agencies at various levels of government and we have a President of the United States that is outright ignoring this attack.

From the Wall Street Journal:

“ The scope of it is pretty stunning,” the official said. “The most disconcerting thing is the uncertainty around what [computer] systems they are in.” The official added that there was no evidence that classified systems had been violated, but cautioned that was a preliminary conclusion. Past U.S. responses to Russian hacking and disinformation operations—sanctions, property seizures, diplomatic expulsions, even the cyber equivalent of warning shots—appear to have done little to dissuade the Kremlin. Moscow has denied responsibility for the latest incursion. “It’s a clear dilemma for this nation about how we continue to be pounded by other countries…and don’t have a response,” said a former top U.S. intelligence official with decades of cybersecurity experience. “We’re incredibly vulnerable, and nothing that any administration has been able to do has changed that.” Mr. Trump has made no public comment on the hack, nor given any hint about whether or how he would retaliate before leaving office Jan. 20.

President Trump has yet to call out this act of war while he sits quietly in the White House and tweets out conspiracy theories about why he lost the election. This is down right dereliction of duty.

Senator Mitt Romney tweeted this Thursday:

In this type of situation the 25th Amendment does apply and should be invoked by Mike Pence and the Trump cabinet. This is an act of war and we have a sitting President outright ignoring this attack on our country.

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