President Trump: Commute the Sentence of Ross Ulbricht

Free Ross!

We have already urged the President to do the right thing and issue Pardon’s of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Now, we are imploring the outgoing President to do the right thing and commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht and release him from his excessive sentence.

Ross Ulbricht is condemned to die in prison for creating an e-commerce website called Silk Road. An entrepreneur passionate about free markets and privacy, he was 26 when he made the site. He was never prosecuted for causing harm or bodily injury and no victim was named at trial. This is the fundamental argument to commuting his sentence. No one was harmed by his website and there was no victim, but rather an overarching government hell bent on continuing the War on Drugs.

Users of Silk Road chose to exchange a variety of goods, both legal and illegal, including drugs (most commonly small amounts of cannabis). Prohibited was anything involuntary that could harm a third party.

Ross was not convicted of selling drugs or illegal items himself, but was held responsible for what others sold on the site.

It is time for the President of the United States to do the right thing and challenge the War on Drugs in this country.

Help the Change.org petition reach their goal of 500,000 signatures by visiting this link.

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