Maine State Representative John Andrews Quits GOP and Joins the Libertarian Party

News out of Maine has reelected state representative John Andrews quitting the Republican Party and joining the Libertarian Party. This would make two elected Libertarian state legislatures across the country.

Staff writer for the Cato Institute was the first to report:

We have sought out comment from Rep. Andrews and will update the story once we receive.


Rep. John Andrews had the following statement submitted to The Liberty Herald:

“This morning I took the opportunity to enroll in the Libertarian Party of Maine.  I hope that many free thinking and liberty minded Mainers will join me in taking this step. The Libertarian Party is qualified once again in the state of Maine and it is time to raise the banner to grow our numbers for liberty and freedom. Standing together on principle we can have a positive impact on this state. I hope you answer the call to join us.”

We welcome Rep. John Andrews to the party and the fight for Liberty!

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