President Trump Open to the Idea of Pardoning Edward Snowden

The push to have President Trump pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is heating up as a group in Congress has been urging the President to do the right thing and free this patriot.

There have been a growing list of Republicans and Democrats that are pushing the outgoing President to do the right thing and grant a full and complete pardon of Snowden so he can return home to the United States.

Edward Snowden is famous for declassifying an NSA program that was used to spy on the American people. He has been hunted for years by the federal government and has sought asylum in multiple countries. Currently he resides in Russia where is viewed in Liberty circles as a patriot for his act to expose the governments attempt to pry into the lives of ordinary Americans.

He deserves a pardon and Trump needs to use one of his last acts as President to make history right.

Call your Congressman and women and urge them to put pressure of the White House. Contact the White House as well using this link.


More members of Congress are coming out in support of pardoning Edward Snowden:

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  1. I hope he will listen to Senator Rand Paul and pardon both Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. (He’s listened to Rand before, and if he doesn’t do it, you could bet your life savings on the establishment ‘choice’ of Biden/ Harris *not* doing it) There is the potential for a Pence presidency that is not spoken of much, but it could happen. VP Pence I believe would at least be open to it, I believe. I will be e-mailing President Trump on this issue. As for the rest of the election madness, I hope whether the electors go for Biden or not, we can have a divided government. Otherwise, the Supreme Court is going to have its docket full of Religious Freedom and Freedom of Speech cases. (Like NIFLA vs Becerra, The Case formerly known NIFLA vs. Harris, and Masterpiece Cakes vs Colorado)


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