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Conservative media outlet Newsmax’s latest poll shows 52% disapprove of President Trump

Leading conservative media outlet Newsmax released a poll today that showed President Trump with a 48% job approval rating with 52% disapproving of his job.

Obviously other mainstream media outlets have Trump with higher disapproval ratings, but the obviously biased Newsmax can’t even fudge the numbers enough to put Trump in a good light.

As the President continues to tweet nonsense conspiracy theories about the election he lost it seems that the American people are getting weary of his inability to govern the country. With COVID-19 cases ballooning across the country and Trump hunkering down in the White House the public is seeking leadership from Washington.

Instead, this President has his greasy divorce attorneys playing a game in front of landscaping companies claiming this election was stolen from him. He does this instead of realizing that the majority of Americans are tired of seeing him in power.

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