There was no fraud! Mail voting is the reason Biden overcame Trump in key states.

I would like to start this analysis off with the following disclaimer. I voted for Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian candidate for President, and I have been a voting Libertarian since the 2008 Presidential election.

With that being said there is a lot of analysis taking place in regards to the 2020 election results and the constant claims by President Trump that there was rampant fraud. He claims that his leads in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia were washed out with ballot dumps that heavily favored Joe Biden.

There is now a report that top Republican Senators like Rand Paul are claiming show anomalies in the vote totals and the data dumps that took place in the late hours of Nov. 3rd and 4th.

The answer is simple. These dumps were not fraud, but rather they were mail in votes that all these states couldn’t start counting until the day of the election.

Too many conservatives are trying to create a false narrative that the election was a steal that in no way did Joe Biden receive 80 million votes. They are missing the fact that all these key states didn’t have mail in voting systems like others and were not legally allowed to open the mail votes until the day of the election. With that in mind it took these states/counties a lot of time to open the ballots and then count them.

President Trump told his supporters multiple times throughout the campaign to vote in person and not by mail. On the opposite Joe Biden encouraged his voters to vote by mail. This is not rocket science! Plus, multiple stories showed that Trump was in danger of losing due to the heavy democratic tilt to mail voting.

In a USA Today article from September 24, 2020 they warned that if Trump didn’t change his tone on mail voting he was doing to lose key swing states. And guess what happened?

These were not ballot dumps of illegal votes for Joe Biden. These were legally cast mail votes that took time to count. It was not some consiparcy or ploy to steal an election but rather millions of new voters that were disgusted with the past four years and voted out an unpopular President.

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