Freedom Rising! Support for marijuana legalization rising as conservative Montana, South Dakota vote to legalize

The race for president, the 2020 Election was historic.

It was the first time that Republican strongholds voted in favor of marijuana, as both South Dakota and Montana voted to legalize the recreational use of the drug.

Arizona, a more moderate state, along with progressive New Jersey, also voted to legalize recreational use during the 2020 Election.

“Once people legalize it they like it. They like prohibition ending,” said Brendan Johnson, a former U.S. Attorney for the district of South Dakota.

“Part of our state’s libertarian streak, which leads people to believe that the government doesn’t have a role to play in this, and, frankly, prohibition carried the day along with economic costs of building larger and larger prisons across the state,” said Johnson.

This shows that freedom is rising throughout the United States. More people are coming to grips with the though process of individual liberty and more freedom.

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