Congresswoman-Elect Proclaims that Taxation is Theft

You don’t hear it often from members of Congress, but Colorado’s newest Congresswoman from the 3rd district has just deemed Taxation as Theft.

The incoming member of Congress, Lauren Boebert, has made waves as a glock packing westerner that is hell bent on breaking up the socialist state and taking on the likes of AOC.

Congresswoman-Elect Boebert shook up the political establishment by taking down the sitting 5 term Congressman Scott Tipton in the Republican primary and then going on to a resounding victory a few weeks ago. She is the owner of Shooters Grill in Rifle, CO where the waitresses all pack heat on their hip as they serve you good food.

We don’t hear this statement often from politicians in D.C. but maybe the Liberty movement has a new ally in Congress? Here is to hoping!

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