The Tea Party 2.0 is Coming! Taking Back the Soul of the GOP

The Republican Party has been consumed by the Trump philosophy the past four years and before that was taken over by the Neo-Conservatives. A new revolution is taking place at the grassroots to take the opportunity to regain the soul of the Republican Party and usher in a new tea party era. The power vacuum is clear in the GOP and the time has come to take back the soul of a once great party.

Austin Petersen, former LP Presidential candidate and Republican Senatorial candidate, ignited the spark that has set off a rebirth of the former tea party movement. “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow if we try to fight for change. I do know what will happen if we don’t try. We will lose more freedom. We have to fight. We have to stay engaged. And we have to learn from failures and adopt new strategies.”

Already across Twitter new Tea Party 2.0 accounts have been created and channeling the buzz of activists that want a new direction for the Republican Party. There is a huge leadership gap in the GOP and it can either be filled by the old guard, or by a new Ron Paul type Revolution of Libertarians that have not been successful elsewhere since Trump took over the party. Influence happens at a local level and at this point unfortunately in one of the two major parties.

Groups like the following have popped up on Twitter:

Here at The Liberty Herald we support this fight to take back the GOP from the Trumpsters and the Old Conservative Guard. Libertarianism is not a party but rather an idea that can take root in the minds of anyone. There have been so many great Libertarian leaders of the Republican Party and they just need to be brought back in as mainstream now that Trump has lost and Biden has won.

Head over to Twitter and Facebook to join the fight!

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