Time to Take Back the GOP from the Trump Republicans and Neo-Cons

In February 2016 I officially left the Republican Party as it became apparent that Donald Trump was going to be the leader of the GOP for at least four years. In that time we have witnessed the downfall of the once Grand Old Party as Trumpism took root and progressed.

Liberty is dear to my heart and the root of all my thinking. I was a Ron Paul Republican and fought to make Liberty acceptable in the GOP. I spent countless hours canvassing and pushing for Liberty minded candidates to see my party hijacked by Donald Trump and a faction of Americans that I wanted nothing to do with. I left for the past four years and became a member of the Libertarian Party. However, they have failed to make any difference in pushing for Liberty and instead eat their own at every turn.

The time has come for me to return and fight for the soul of a party I once loved. It’s time to take back the GOP from the Trump Republicans and began a new Liberty Revolution.

Libertarianism is a universal idea and it has a place in society. The Republicans use to fight for these principles but over time neo-conservatives and now Trumpsters have taken over and ruined the Party of Lincoln. The Party of Robert Taft. The Party of Ronald Reagan. The Party of Ron Paul.

These are the values worth fighting for and the only place to win this fight is in the Republican Party. I still believe in and have faith in the Libertarian Party but at this point there is no hope there. They lose sight of the end goal and push nonsensical ideas that draw people away. They can’t muster the support necessary to really change America. All they have become is a laughable fringe party that scares voters away.

I am officially supporting the Tea Party 2.0 movement along with Austin Petersen. As he says “People say the last Tea Party failed but that’s not true! Many good liberty Republicans took and still hold office from that effort! If we are even half as successful this time we still do a great service to our country! It’s time to rise up again!”

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  1. So we only have a tea party when a Democrat is President. And you allow the Republican leadership run huge deficits and enbezzle billions from the treasury


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