The Fall of Donald Trump; A One Term President

As we sit here on night four in the aftermath of the 2020 Presidential election we have no declared winner, but the signs are pointing to the election of Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States.

In this time we have seen the emotional decline of the most powerful person in the world as he learns his fate. The fate that tells him he will be a one term President. Even in this defeat the convoluted mind of Trump believes this election has been stolen from him and that he will not go down without doing the most Trump thing possible; sue everyone in sight!

It is actually quite sad to see the mental decline of an older person as he is learning the eventual fate of his career. With this loss he has nothing left. The bridges he has burned effectively end his political and television career. The only hope for him left is a spot on AM talk radio, but in the end Trump is finished.

The way he has behaved as President and the way he is behaving in defeat shows the true character behind this man. This is the very reason I left the Republican Party because I could never get behind him. It was so bad that even if I agreed with something he said or did, the despicable nature of who he is could never be overcome.

Donald Trump is now a one term President and we are going to witness the child he is as he kicks and screams being dragged out of the White House.

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