The Justin Amash Era of the Libertarian Party Begins Today

The 2020 Presidential election has yet to be decided at the time of this article. It appears that Joe Biden will pull out a win as key states continue counting the votes that appear to be trending to the Democratic candidate. The Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen is in position to get the 2nd most votes of any Libertarian candidate, but falls way short of creating a new dynamic for the American electorate.

With that being said the Justin Amash era of the Libertarian Party officially begins today. Congressman Amash made waves this year by leaving the Republican Party and becoming the first Libertarian member of Congress. He explored a run for the Presidency but decided to bow out. However, he is now positioned to be the key figure for the party over the next four years and is in position to make the Libertarian Party and movement mainstream across America.

Congressman Amash brings a whole new dynamic to the Libertarian movement and has the potential to bring in new voters that are fed up with the two party system. In this 2020 election we have seen for the first time both candidates over the age of 70. Amash is a fresh young face that has a keen ability to sell the message of Liberty and draw in a younger crowd. As usual, the 18-29 year old voter fell short in turnout and needs a dynamic figure to draw them to the voting booth.

The Liberty movement has the opportunity to really change the landscape of American politics, but they need to focus and bring in the right people. They missed the opportunity once again in this election, but it is time to look forward. The message of Liberty is mainstream and people in this country need a good candidate that can gather attention to make them realize.

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