I Won’t Vote for a Party That Kills Babies

“I won’t vote for Biden because he kills babies!” (or any other democratic politician). This is a bold statement often heard from right-wingers who associate themselves with the pro-life stance and feel strongly against the pro-choice stance. The pro-life stance believes every life should be birthed while the pro-choice stance believes women should have a choice to abort their fetus or not. The libertarian platform allows people to make choices for themselves without government interference, being a second pro-choice party. While both sides have validity to their arguments, there is one question necessary to answer that we can not agree upon: When do you gain the right to life? Is it at conception, gaining a heartbeat, developing a brain, or when the baby is physically born? Without a concrete answer to that question, the debate on this issue is never ending.

The Democrat platform calls for access to abortion services by using government money to fund services like Planned Parenthood.

The Republican platform calls for action to reduce abortion services in an attempt to save the lives of the unborn.

The Libertarian platform meets somewhere in the middle, wanting women to have access to abortions but not with aide from government. The platform calls for federally defunding Planned Parenthood and increasing safe sex practices in order to reduce the necessity for abortions. Jo Jorgensen, the 2020 libertarian presidential candidate, calls for over the counter birth control in yet another effort to decrease abortion needs.

This issue is used as a means to justify partisan feelings against pro-choice parties, yet we have never seen the republican party outlaw abortions. Basing your vote off one policy like this is what we call a one-issue voter. This one issue is not actively being pursued by congress, so should it really be reasoning to vote for or against a party?

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  1. What about the right to live? Shouldn’t constitution defend everyone’s freedom? Why a citizen inside the belly should have no rights. Women have right to choose: they can have sex (that sometimes finishes in being pragnant) or not to have sex. People know the risk when they go for a bike ride. Some will die on the road. It’s natural thing. Pragnancy is natural as well. Abortion is against the nature, God, human rights!


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