Bold Prediction: Joe Biden Wins in a Landslide With Over 400 Electoral Votes

With the 2020 election voting process well underway it appears that signs are pointing to a blue wave sweeping across this country. Turnout among early voters is over 60 million votes already casted and we have a President who is going off the rails.

The numbers are overwhelmingly in Joe Biden’s favor. Among those that have already voted it is huge.

Among voters still waiting to vote Trump has the lead, but the percentages will not add up to a Trump victory. The margins are not big enough to make up the overwhelming support that Biden is getting in early voting.

Therefore, based on polling averages and the trends in each state we can comfortably predict that Joe Bide will win the Presidential election in a landslide with well over 400 electoral votes to his name.

The Liberty Herald’s 2020 Prediction for the Electoral College. Based on polling averages and voting trends in each state.

Yes, we know the nay sayers will feast their eyes on Texas. We think the blue wave is big enough to move the Lone Star state to the blue category. There are enough urban areas in the state with high populations that are trending towards Biden. The newest Dallas Morning news poll has Biden up by 3 points and the newest Quinnipiac has the two tied.

This prediction is based on actual research and analysis of the polling averages in each state. It appears this country is fed up with the leadership of Donald Trump and looking for a change. His campaign staff know this wave is coming and are preparing for their eventual loss.

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