With Record Turnout Libertarian Presidential Candidate Will See Historic Numbers for the Party in 2020

With almost 60 Million people already voting in the 2020 Presidential election and just 9 days to go until Election Day the Libertarian Party candidate could be on pace to make history for the nations third largest political party.

In 2016 then candidate Gary Johnson managed to rake in 4.5 million total votes for a 3.28% share of the pie. It would appear that this year’s nominee for the LP will not hit the high of 3.28%, being that she is currently averaging around 2% in the polls. However, with such high turnout I will predict that Jorgensen will receive over 6 million total votes. While this might just total 2% it will still be historic for a party that is experiencing a wide range of support across states and in local elections.

The country is ready for something different. It has been ready for quite sometime, but with the way elections go in this country it is hard to break that glass ceiling. The Libertarian message is universal among people and the time for Liberty is coming. Over the past decade there has been increasing support for the Libertarian Party and 2020 will be no different.

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