How the State of Arkansas Can Elect the First Libertarian U.S. Senator

While the attention of the 2020 Election is centered around the Presidential race with Biden and Trump hashing it out to the bitter end. However, there is another race in this election that could be the beginning of a new tidal wave. The state of Arkansas has the opportunity to elect the first Libertarian to the United States Senate.

Ricky Harrington Jr. is putting up a fight against the incumbent Tom Cotton. In a race with no Democratic challenger Harrington has become the new horse in the race and is in ear shot of unseating a incumbent member of the Senate.

Ricky Harrington, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate against Republican Sen. Tom Cotton is touting a poll that puts him only 11 points behind and Cotton short of 50 percent support.

The poll was by American Research Group (B rated by and based on live interviews with 600 likely voters on landlines and cell phones. 49-38 with 13 percent undecided?

One of the biggest moments in this campaign was not the polling that we just mentioned but rather the free advertisement that Harrington received from the local PBS station. Senator Tom Cotton refused to attend a scheduled debate with the Libertarian challenger and instead the panel just asked Ricky Harrington all the questions for well over an hour. Here is that “debate” in its entirety.

We will continue to monitor this race and report on any big changes to the polling. Come election night we hope to announce that Arkansas has elected the first Libertarian U.S. Senator in this country’s history!

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