Op-Ed: Joe Biden is What America Needs At This Moment

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and my opinion alone. This is not the opinion of The Liberty Herald

Written by George Freeman and published by The Liberty Herald

The day I turned 18 in 2003 I registered to vote, and registered as a Republican. I was Chairman of the College Republicans while at my University, campaigned for George W. Bush in 2004, and fought hard for down ballot candidates in the GOP. I changed my political thinking just slightly and in 2008 supported the Ron Paul Revolution and became a Ron Paul Republican. I voted for the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr in 2008. I continued to support Ron Paul in 2012 and wound up voting for Gary Johnson in 2012. As 2016 rolled around I found my political party in shambles as they picked Donald Trump to be their nominee and it was that moment in Feb. of 2016 that I changed my voter registration to the Libertarian Party. These past four years I have fought for Libertarian candidates nationally and locally. I am still registered as a Libertarian and will be voting for down ballot LP candidates in this election.

However, I cannot stand by and watch my country be destroyed by Donald Trump. There is too much at stake with this election to allow this man another four years in the White House. He has expanded the size of government, keep our troops overseas in endless wars, allowed COVID to take over this country killing over 200,000 Americans, and brings no respect or decency to an office that it deserves.

In this moment and this moment alone I have decided to support Joe Biden for President. Never in my life have I voted for a Democrat, and never did I think the day would come, but Donald Trump has pushed me over the edge. He has pushed me so far that I have to vote to save the institution of the Presidency and the foundation of this country and Joe Biden is the only one that can fix the cracks in that foundation. If we give Trump another four years in that office those cracks will get worse and could lead to the eventual collapse of our Republic.

The Libertarian candidate this year gets all my respect and admiration, but she is not able to put up the fight needed to stop Trump from winning. Joe Biden brings a sense of dignity and respect to an office that needs it more than ever! Even though there is a multitude of issues that I disagree with Biden that is not out weighed by the fact that we have a President that misleads us every day and has dragged this country further down a path we have fought centuries to eradicate.

My conscience is speaking to me very loudly and it is saying that this country needs saved. I have spent a career preaching that you should vote your conscience and that typically means third party. However, too much is at stake this year and my country needs me to stop the tyranny of Donald Trump.

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  1. While I agree with everything you’ve said about Trump, I have to disagree that Biden is the best way forward. Biden would probably reduce the scope of the government in terms of policing and military, but would drastically increase the role of the government in the free market.

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  2. As much as I like Jo, she’s lacking the momentum that Johnson-Weld swayed in the last election. The media made fun of Gary, while respecting Bill as some Boston Brahman Statesman. However, when one looked under the hood, you could see that each Governor had a lot of credibility in both politics AND (more importantly IMHO) business know-how & it’s no wonder those two got 4-1/2 million people voting for them.

    While your points are valid, it’s only in the swing states that you need to carry that message. Most states are already clearly decided one-way-or-another, and in those one needn’t vote for Biden simply because he’s not Trump. After all, you’re really voting for Kamala if you’re taking that ticket, and comparing Harris’ record to Jo’s I think the latter should inspire more thoughtful women to rally behind Jorgensen. I just wish Jo had more pizzazz, and a running mate who could get on CNN – maybe the Libertarians need another Aleppo moment to get recognized.

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  3. Why not vote for principle and let the never Trump Republicans do the same? This is the whole problem with the voting system used in this country, everyone thinks they ‘have to’ vote for whomever they think is the lesser of two evils. This is the very thing Jo Jorgenson decried when she started her campaign. I also question the premise that President Trump will be worse for liberty than Senator Biden (Or Senator Harris, since Former Vice President Biden has said she should be ready to serve from day one), especially since neither Former VP Biden nor Senator Kamala Harris will even comment on ‘packing’ the Supreme Court. Also, Biden/Harris are the nominees of a party that disrespects the First Amendment freedoms of speech, assembly, religion (unless it agrees with the DNC Platform) , the Second Amendment, and which violated the Fourth Amendment the last time they led office rather severely. Do we really think Four Trillion in new taxes, the Green New Deal, NIFLA vs. Becerra (The case formerly known as NIFLA vs. Harris) and denying school choice and gun owner’s rights need to be revisited?


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