Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen Has Become a Wannabe Libertarian Shill for Trump

While President Trump goes into a total collapse he still has one cheerleader singing his praise, the former Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen.

Petersen who ran as a Libertarian candidate for President in 2016 and then famously became a Republican to partake in a failed U.S. Senate run being defeated in the primary by the authoritarian Josh Hawley.

Now the former LP candidate and GOP failure is promoting Donald Trump all over Twitter calling him a Libertarian President.

Seems like AP has taken a gulp of the MAGA kool-aid. It is sad to see a smart mind like his be stolen by a cult that thinks this President has been some savior to the country. Trump is a far from being a Libertarian than anything. He has grown the size of the government exponentially and has continued the failed foreign policy of nation building.

Now Austin Petersen is going crazy on twitter while engaged as some lowly talk radio host in Missouri. It is quite sad to witness.

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  1. If it is any consolation, I have become a nihilist. Recognizing that my state’s electoral college votes don’t “count”, I chose to write in someone else’s name who isnt running or my own.


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