Jo Jorgensen Should Focus on Winning Just One State in the 2020 Election

Yes, the Libertarian Party has made it once again on the ballot for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Many hours of canvasing and fighting at the state level have made this a great achievement. However, the Libertarian candidate for President, Jo Jorgensen, should spend her entire time campaigning in just one U.S. State and that should be Alaska.

So much time spent by a Libertarian candidate for President is spent trying to get 4-5% of the national popular vote in every Presidential election in hopes of easier ballot access. No time is spent trying to get actual electoral votes that have an impact on the national election and put a third party into the new tier level. If the Libertarian Party could actually get a small number of electoral votes it would create a wave across the country that shows they are really a political party to contend with.

So why Alaska? This is a state that is considered the last frontier and has the ability to be a Libertarian safe haven for votes. People in this state tend to have Libertarian ideals because of the natural environment they live in. Also, the two major party candidates are not going to campaign in Alaska at all. They will never step foot in this state since the electoral prize is only 3 votes.

Every Libertarian campaign spreads itself so thin trying to make its way around the country with no real campaign base and connects with so few people. If the Jo Jorgensen campaign were to camp out in the State of Alaska and connect on a real personal level with people then it could lend credibility to the campaign and the candidate which could result in real support and potentially three electoral votes while making history.

They should set up shop, open a campaign office and hit the ground running. Even on her recent trip to the state she received a wealth of media coverage because Presidential candidates typically don’t visit the Alaskan frontier.

The Frontiersman

The Anchorage Press

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