Libertarianism is Bigger Than The Libertarian Party

The past couple of months have been quiet for me because of personal things happening in my life that were for the good. However, there has been a lot on my mind as we enter the heart of the Presidential election season and that centers around the inner workings of the Libertarian Party.

I was a registered Republican from 2004 (when I turned 18) until 2016. It wasn’t until the nomination of Donald Trump as the GOP standard bearer that I ditched the Grand Old Party for one that met my ideological satisfaction. I am and always have been a Libertarian. I joined the LP in 2016 and dived in head first. I made a name for myself, volunteered my time with the state affiliate of the party, and pushed this website forward as an avenue to promote the ideology and the party.

However, as time has gone on it has become noticeable that the Libertarian Party has major issues within. The constant in fighting that takes place on social media and at the conventions is the biggest reason why the LP has not had the national success they strive for. They belittle each other and their leadership at any turn and make outsiders think twice about joining their cause. Just watch and listen to any past conventions and you will see the childish attempts to get a point across and stall the process of nominating and electing Libertarians across this country.

Congressman Justin Amash joined the Libertarian Party earlier this year and flirted with a run for the Presidency. However, he jumped out of that race after a couple of weeks stating other reasons, but it is obvious to figure out, he saw the craziness that plagues the inner workings of the party.

You can also look at this years national convention and the childish behavior that may members exhibited towards to the Chairman at the time and the process as a whole. During a worldwide health pandemic they tried to take some sort of ideological stand instead of being the standard bearers for the duopoly. It was pathetic to watch and listen to as on outsider to the convention.

With all this being said one thing is certain. The ideology of Libertarianism stands supreme to any political party. The tenants of the Libertarian philosophy are worth fighting for every single day. It is a method to answer the major political questions of the day and a way to reduce the scope of government power over the most precious entity in our world; the individual.

We need more people to stand up for Liberty and the tenants of Libertarianism. That can happen in the Libertarian Party, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or any other political faction. To me it doesn’t matter. I will always be a Libertarian. I will always believe in Freedom, Liberty, and the Individual. No leader of a political faction will dictate to me how to think and to move Libertarianism forward. The Libertarian Party has a lot of soul searching to do as it self destructs, but one thing is for certain, Libertarianism will outlast a group of people who wish to eat their own.

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