Why a Mandatory Mask Order is Libertarian

The world is still in the middle of a global health pandemic with some countries doing a great job eradicating COVID-19. The Untied States however is still fighting this virus with staggering numbers.

There is a thought by many in this country that American is a land of freedom and I don’t have to wear a mask in public because the government has no right to tell me what to do. This absurd vision is why conservative southern states are experiencing huge number of reported cases as more people engage with one another without protecting themesleves and each other.

But what if I told you that wearing a mask in public is the most Libertarian thing you could do? One of the critical functions of a government is protecting public health. Government doesn’t have a role in most of what goes on in the world, but this is one area that most Libertarians would agree is a place for government.

Then, there is the most basic notion of Libertarianism that says, your rights end where my rights begin. You might think you are free to not wear a mask in public, but I also have a right not to get sick from you. If you believe it is your constitutional right not to wear a mask then stay home. I have a right not to contract COVID-19 and the none mask wearer is jeopardizing that right.

The most Libertarian thing you could do is protect your individual self. I want to live my life for many years and if it takes protecting myself from you then I will wear a mask. That is the most Libertarian thing you could do right now. Get off your holier than thou pedestal and be a responsible citizen.

Wear your mask!

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  1. You have zero concept of freedom or liberty. You have the right to travel, but with that come the assumption of risk. Every thing you do when you leave your home assumes a level of risk. If you do not want to assume the risk, it is your freedom to stay home. Most ‘libertarians’ are just Democrat-lites with a sole focus on legal weed.


    • Wrong . You are obviously unfamiliar with the concept of negative rights ; you have the right to wear a mask and socially distance , you do not have the right to force me to.
      Put another way ; you can wear a bullet-proof vest in public but you may not take away my right to carry a gun or not . Once my actions impinge upon you , then the Law steps in .


  2. There is little data to support the use of any mask that isn’t at least N95 grade in the prevention and spread of infectious viral particles. Especially cloth masks and surgical masks. Stopping large droplets is great but they don’t stop smaller droplets and they provide almost zero protection for aerosolized particulate. Which is relevant because we still don’t know how it spreads. There is mounting evidence that the virus may be able to travel by aerosols.

    Surgical masks are largely meant to protect from fluid transfer between patient and healthcare provider and visa versa. When in a hospital/clinical setting and dealing with a highly infectious and deadly disease, patients are placed in isolated rooms that have isolated ventilation with negative pressure. This means these rooms cycle air out of the room at such a rate that the overall pressure in the room is negative. These providers then “suit up” by putting on their ppe in the proper sequence before entering the room. The know what to touch and not touch while wearing their ppe, that they then discard (by removing in the correct sequence) as soon as the leave that patient room. Masks aren’t meant to be worn all day, outdoors and in poorly ventilated workspaces (i.e. classrooms). They aren’t meant to be touched repeatedly after touching surfaces in the environment, and they aren’t meant to be used without other ppe, at least not when your goal is to stop the spread of infectious agents.

    I understand that a lot of people want to try the masks to see if they’ll help but I don’t buy into the narrative that if 90% of the population wears cloth masks, we’ll stop the spread of Covid19. But it’s a false sense of security and isn’t going to solve the issue of stopping the spread of the disease. In the end, infection rates are going to have to go up for us to develop herd immunity. The key will be in diagnosing early and isolating positives while protecting at-risk populations to the best of our ability. We also need early intervention with antiviral therapies as a truly safe and effective vaccine is still years away.


  3. What a Bullschiff article. Face masks cannot stop a virus that cannot even be seen. Read what is written on the damn box of Face Masks which warns the masks are not effective against coronavirus and should not be worn for an extended period. Surgeons wear face Masks so their saliva does not accidentally get into a patient cut open on the operating table.
    Robert Bentley is either a Moron or a Deep State Shill. You would have to be brain dead at this point not to know the reported cases of Coronavirus are fraudulent and the reported deaths from Coronavirus are even Faker with every death being attributed to COVID-19 no matter the real cause because there is a monetary reward for keeping the Coronavirus Hoax ongoing.


  4. I have to say that it in NOT the governments job to protect the public health. However, I also think that we should voluntarily wear masks. To say it is our right not to, IMO, is the same as saying it is the right of someone with an STD to go around infecting people by not wearing protection. And yes, I am well aware that the vast majority of masks are completely ineffective.


  5. With the efficacy of masks to prevent COVID 19 under debate, the real harm to essential workers from breathing their own carbon dioxide all day should be considered. As Nunya points out, the efficacy of masks to prevent COVID 19 is by no means settled science, and evidence is piling up for the CO2 health threat. The CDC has also been wrong about the death rate, so how pray tell, has it earned our trust?

    I agree entirely with protecting my neighbor. That’s why I (and Rand Paul did, for that matter) would self quarantine if I had symptoms. But as long as I am near no one with COVID 19, and continue to test negative, I see no valid reason to wear a face mask, except to salve the consciences of those who disagree.

    Beyond that, it is not constitutional:


  6. Strangely enough, all of the countries that have used the masks have a downward trend of infection rates. Americans don’t care…


  7. The article should’ve been titled, “Why Am I Writing an Article about Positivist Edict When I Do Not Understand the Difference Between Positivism and Negativism?”


  8. There are two things I want to mention, one, I am a Libertarian and I have to disagree that wearing a mask is the most libertarian thing to do. It is up to each individual to wear a mask or not. My family and I have made a decision for our family to not to go out to certain social settings. When we do go out we make sure that we have mask/facial coverings. The people that choose not to wear a mask is their choice. We do not like it, but we do not demand or shame them for not doing it. Two, I am a Christian (Lutheran, WELS) and I believe that we should do what our government says as God as instructed us to obey and honor. Now that does not mean that if we do not like what they do God also created elections to remove those we think are not doing his work and representing us.


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