The Confederate Flag Represents a Lost Cause by a Group of Sore Losers

With so much tension in this country over police brutality and the death of so many African Americans at the hands of the police, the debate over the Confederate Flag has surge back as major American Institutions have banned the use of this flag. However, the biggest question resides in why is that flag still so prevalent and displayed with pride by so many?

The Lost Cause of the Confederacy is the main reason this flag still fly’s on the back of pick up trucks and is used at major sporting events in the south.

The Lost Cause of the Confederacy, or simply the Lost Cause, is an American pseudo-historical, negationist ideology that holds that the cause of the Confederacy during the American Civil War was a just and heroic one. … In this manner, white supremacy is a characteristic of the Lost Cause narrative.

The narrative for the National Register of Historic Places application read:

The Cult of the Lost Cause had its roots in the Southern search for justification and the need to find a substitute for victory in the Civil War. In attempting to deal with defeat, Southerners created an image of the war as a great heroic epic. A major theme of the Cult of the Lost Cause was the clash of two civilizations, one inferior to the other. The North, “invigorated by constant struggle with nature, had become materialistic, grasping for wealth and power.” The South had a “more generous climate” which had led to a finer society based upon “veracity and honor in man, chastity and fidelity in women.” Like tragic heroes, Southerners had waged a noble but doomed struggle to preserve their superior civilization. There was an element of chivalry in the way the South had fought, achieving noteworthy victories against staggering odds. This was the “Lost Cause” as the late nineteenth century saw it, and a whole generation of Southerners set about glorifying and celebrating it

To sum it up the lost cause is a movement by people in an attempt to win a war that they lost in 1865. The Confederacy was a group of racist southerners that seceded from the Union, killed thousands of Americans and lost the war.

It is time to preserve history in museums and get rid of this lost cause mentality. They lost and will never win the ideological war.

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  1. This is highly inaccurate. For the vast majority of the south, the flag represents a chance to have a little dignity in the face of defeat. It is also displayed in HONOR of fallen southern war heroes. It has nothing to do with what you claim. If you were from the south, you would already know this. But you’re not, so you are not qualified to speak for the south. So you’re whole opinion is mute really


  2. Just read Arron’s reply. I’m from the south and I know the confederate flag is racist. Bless his heart. Most don’t know the history so they can’t celebrate it as heritage. They fly the Army of Northern Virginia flag, not the actual stainless banner and later stained banner that were official flags. They fly the racist flag that re-emerged in the late 40’s at rally’s to oppose the civil rights movement.


  3. The War of Northern Aggression or the War Between the States ….

    Of course the victors described it as a Civil War – which it was not.

    In any case I prefer the Gadsden Flag because I get that the Confederate Flag has racist overtones.

    Its all about states rights and succession. There is nothing racist about that.


  4. Perhaps, the Confederacy is dead, and there goes the flag! But you shall never eradicate the Confederacy from the hearts and minds of Southerners, whose ancestry reach back generations, of farmers and trappers and whiskey runners, of survivalists who fled Lincoln’s wrath, those who would rather take their chances with the Mexicans and the Indians than to have to deal with the Blue Coat Genocidists. You Yankees will never understand, as much as you try to convince us otherwise, because your hearts are conditioned by the erroneous Quaker/Puritanical dominion of Lincoln’s North: the ones who either wiped out the Indians, or they forced them to acculturate into that judgie-churchie-white-stuffy, and uniformed schools of enforced Christianity, where the masters beat and oppressed the young Indians for speaking in their native language: yes you Yankees will never understand us Libertarian-minded Southerners, for you will never understand what it is like for your heritage to be taken away from you! Let the rednecks rage with their Confederate flags, who cares. Burn our flags! Tear down our statues! Robert E Lee wound not be offended, but you shall never wipe out his memory from his Confederate-minded progeny! We have morphed, we are westernized, but the deep South is still in the blood of our veins. The true ones are the quiet ones, whose flag is now, really, the Yellow Snake Flag, and Black people are not our enemies, and Libertarian-minded black folks know good and better to stand with white Confederates, and we true Confederates stand with them, and we know and understand that black lives matter, and we want every black granny in Chicago to own her firearms, so that she can save herself and her babies against the fully-armed thug, while her daughter is working two jobs to make ends meet… And the Civil War WAS NOT about slavery, for only ten percent of the South owned African slaves, the rest of the Confederacy worked the land with their own hands, and they did not kill off their black workers! That was Lincoln, per his Emancipation Proclamation, who conscribed freed black slaves, then eliminated more than 100,000 black troops of them who served in the Union Army (AS SLAVES), and even more hundreds of thousands of black freed slaves died as a result of the edict: they wandered the territory and begged for food and shelter and jobs and lived and even more miserable life than under the dominion of the Antebellum South. You cannot force anybody to believe anything. Only loving kindness can change peoples’ minds, something that control freak police statists will never understand…


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